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FREE July Fitness Challenge – Free To Be Fit

Welcome to the latest FREE daily fitness challenge – Free To Be Fit.  If you are looking to get started, or add a little more to your fitness routine, do this!  You have the freedom to choose what you do every day. You have the freedom to take care of yourself and maintain your health.  You have the freedom to go out for a run, go for a swim, do some yoga or lift super heavy weights.  This really is a special privilege.  Don’t waste it!

This challenge includes Squats, Tricep Kickbacks, Mountain Climbers, Clam Shell, and Side Plank Starfish.  I include modifiers for those of you who aren’t able to do certain moves. If you have any questions please leave a comment or contact the coach who directed you to this video.

You can get FREE daily reminders right here on Google+ or at:

IG: @bbcoachandip

Want even more help with your fitness journey?  Contact me here:

Let’s do this together!Free To Be Fit

Here is the video demo of all the moves: http://youtu.be/mn72uitfvdw

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Get OFF The Scale!

Stop being a slave to the number on the scale!! Yes, it is important to know what you weigh, but it doesn’t define you OR your progress.  I tend to go by things like measurements, how heavy I can lift, how many push-ups I can do, etc.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – since I started P90X3 I have GAINED a few pounds. Am I all distraught about it? Nope. I know that I am much stronger than I was, and my fitness has improved dramatically.  While the scale shows what my body weighs, it DOES NOT show how much of that is muscle, etc.

Stop using the scale as the holy grail of measuring your health & fitness. Once you start paying attention to these other fitness factors, you will get a much more accurate picture of your and fitness level.  You’re welcome. 🙂

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Join The PiYo Party

I’ve been hearing murmurs that PiYo is close to selling out already. This is THE program for beginners to superfit athletes. Start out slow, or go 100%. PiYo will stretch you out and make you stronger, helping to heal and prevent injuries. Runners and weightlifters – you need this!!

Check out this inspirational story for Transformation Tuesday – Karen H lost 44lbs with the new #PiYo Workout! Congratulations Karen! You look phenomenal!!


If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, do it now!! You don’t want to miss out. Our group starts on July 7th.


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Amazing Opportunity For New Beachbody Coaches!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!Brand new Challenge Pack in the house!!

Share share share…..$295 get your new Coach:

Beachbody is now offering a new “Showcase Challenge Pack” for all NEW Coach’s who sign up now or have signed up within the past 30 days. The “Showcase Challenge Pack” induces the following:
– 21 Day Fix
– P90X3
– Focus T25
– 30 day supply of Shakeology®
– 1 Shakeology Taste Sampler
– 5 Shakeology Tote Bags
– 10 Shakeology Welcome Bags
– 5 Product Catalogs

When you purchase this “Showcase Challenge Pack”, the $39.95 coach sign up fee is waived and from here on out, you will receive 25% off of ALL of your Beachbody products and all of your purchases can be used as a tax deduction.

If you are interested in purchasing this and getting more information on what Coaching is all about, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Why is this important? Well because individually the cost of programs is well over $500. But this challenge pack will be priced at $295. Yes it seems like a lot but it literally has EVERYTHING you need! It’s great to start with as a new coach because it gives you variety, it tackles nutrition, and it enables you to become a pro at 3 programs rather than just one, making your business soar from the very start!

Available NOW!!





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8 Days Until PiYo Comes Out!

Yeah Jill!! She lost 25 pounds with PiYo!!! Who else is as excited as I am for this product to come out? One more week. Yeah!!!


There is still time to apply for my EXCLUSIVE July PiYo Test group.  If you are interested, fill out this form and I will be in touch with you soon.


Let’s get our PiYo on!

#piyo #pilates #goals

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11 Days Until PiYo Comes Out!

I seriously cannot wait for this program to come out!!  I am so beyond excited!!  I love teaching it, and I can’t wait to see Chalene’s upbeat personality on the screen.  I am going to run a private test group ONLY for those who are planning on doing PiYo in July. If you want to be a part of it, fill out this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10WnCfAJ8LXwTpTgh4bAMiVdsXn3FL2Zw0Q7u8kj4lrY/viewform?usp=send_form and I will be in touch.


#piyo #yoga #pilates #strength #balance #flexibility #exercise #fitness #workout #health #muscle

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P90X3 Day 60 Update

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE X3 Yoga (other than extended leg toe bind and crow)? If you aren’t doing some sort of flexibility training once a week, you need to start now. It is so important to your overall fitness level!

Check out my video for a review on today’s workout.

Check out this link for savings of up to 85% on selected Beachbody items now through Monday, June 9th.  Hurry, some stuff is already sold out!!

If you would like help getting started on your health & fitness journey, fill out this application for my next accountability group and I will contact you: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/194uHKxol9MdtoC11GwUk34AaznHCBP9QR45Z0wjgYxw/viewform

Let’s connect!
IG: @bbcoachandip